ETP - European Technology Platform - Food for Life
08/12/2014 ¦ News
ETP ‘Food for Life’ presents its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda to align with Horizon 2020
04/12/2014 ¦ News
Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (2015-2020 and Beyond): Implementation Plan under Horizon 2020
20/11/2014 ¦ Events
NTPs Workshop on Practical Results of Research Projects on 2 December

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20/11/2014 ¦ ETP Newsletters
Newsletter issue 13 - November 2014
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Newsletter issue 12 - August 2013
04/05/2012 ¦ ETP Newsletters
Newsletter Issue 11 - April, 2012


European Technology Platforms (ETPs) are industry-led, public/private partnerships encouraged by the European Commission to drive innovation and unite stakeholder communities in reaching strategic research objectives of key European industry sectors. The main goals of the ETPs are to strengthen the European innovation process, improve knowledge transfer and stimulate European competitiveness across the food chain.


ETP ´Food for Life´ was created in 2005 under the auspices of the Confederation of Food and Drink Industries of the European Union (CIAA), following the principles of the Lisbon Strategy. CIAA has since been renamed FoodDrinkEurope in June 2011, which is the trade body representing the interests of food and drink manufacturers at the EU level.


ETP ´Food for Life´ addresses innovation in the agri-food sector, which is the largest manufacturing sector within the EU.


Since its establishment the ETP ´Food for Life´ has forged strong links with industry, academia and researchers in order to prioritise the major research needs for the EU food and drink industry and to secure the appropriate indicated what resources might be needed, where they might come from, and what other non-research issues will have to be addressed in order to ensure the European Research Area for the food sector becomes a reality.


The ETP ´Food for Life´ represents a unique opportunity for all stakeholders in the European food chain to increase their competitive strength and to safeguard the continued well-being and welfare of consumers across Europe.

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