22 November 2019

ETP 'Food for Life seeks new academic member for the leadership team

Dear all,
We would like to inform you about a vacancy for an Academic member of the Leadership Team (LT) of the ETP ‘Food for Life’. This LT is composed of 15 members:
- the Chair, industry representative
- 7 Industry members, employed by a company that is a direct member of FoodDrinkEurope, active in the field of research and innovation,
- 7 Academic members, amongst which the Vice-Chair.
The ETP LT is currently requesting nominations of candidates to fill this vacancy. The following criteria have to be met:
• no institution can have two members in the ETP LT, and
• the candidate:
- has an academic background in the food sector;
- has a track record of scientific activities in her/his field of expertise.
Please apply through the contacts address of the ETP 'Food for Life' Website (link).