26 February 2021

The ETP 'Food for Life' releases the latest update of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

The 2016 Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for the European Food and Drink Sector was created with the ‘Horizon Europe’ Research and Innovation (R&I) Framework Programme still 4 years into the future. Whilst we are very pleased with the impact that the 2016 SRIA has had on the development of the objectives for ’Horizon Europe’, some of the developments that have occurred over these 4 years have led us to rethink some elements and update the SRIA. Certainly, the release of the EU ‘Green Deal’ with its key emphasis on a circular economy and its explicit ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy is one such development. It must be said that on reviewing the original SRIA 4 years later, it is heartening to note how pertinent it still is and that the updates required are more in terms of emphasis than of real strategic substance. Indeed, in addition to the many impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on food and drink businesses, many of the challenges that it poses emphasise the need to step up our efforts in R&I towards the vision that we already have presented in our 2016 strategy. The Implementation Action Plan that was developed in 2018 from the 2016 SRIA has also been updated accordingly.
We believe that with this update we can continue to provide important guidance to the European Commission, Member States, the food industry and the wider research community interested in food, to make a real difference to the Food and Drink Sector. The priorities that we have identified are more relevant than ever.