19 July 2021

The ETP 'Food for Life' Implementation Action Plan (IAP) has been updated to translate the changes to the Strategic Research Innovation Agenda (SRIA) update 2021 into new actions.

The 2018 Implementation Action Plan (IAP) was created to detail the execution steps of the 2016 Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). Following the SRIA update earlier this year, we have worked with the experts in the Scientific Working Groups to translate the Changes to the SRIA into new actions, and update the existing actions as needed.
In addition, the sections on consumer and citizen engagement, digital technologies were updated, and new sections on the National Food Technology Platforms and measuring impact were added.
We believe that with this update we can continue to provide important actionable guidance to the European Commission, Member States, the food industry and the wider research community interested in food, to make a real difference to the Food and Drink Sector.
Download it here