31 July 2013

‘Food for Life’ was once again recognised by the European Commission as a European Technology Platform now under the rules of the new “Strategy For European Technology Platforms: ETP 2020”.

European Technology Platforms (ETPs) are industry-led, public/private partnerships aiming to drive innovation and unite stakeholder communities in reaching strategic research objectives of key European industry sectors. The main goals of the ETPs are to strengthen the European innovation process, improve knowledge transfer and stimulate European competitiveness across the food chain.

“Building on the Europe 2020 and Innovation Union strategies, the Commission´s Horizon 2020 proposal for an integrated research and innovation framework programme recognises the role of European Technology Platforms (ETPs) as part of the external advice and societal engagement needed to implement Horizon 2020”. In this context the “European Technology Platforms will be a key element in the European innovation ecosystem and will help turn Europe into an Innovation Union”.

For more information on the strategy please click here.