4 August 2016

The ETP Food for Life launches an online public consultation on its draft Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (Deadline for comments: 31 August 2016)

The draft Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda was built upon the input from our Scientific Working Groups and on the feedback given by our Leadership Team and Scientific Committee. This document contains a number of targeted research and innovation actions intended to increase the engagement and involvement of consumers (R&I Target 1); to create a more personally-relevant and customized food supply (R&I Target 2), and to develop a more flexible, dynamic and sustainable food system (R&I Target 3).
At this stage, we would like to engage in a consultation process with stakeholders and interested parties to obtain feedback and revise/append the document. In particular, we would appreciate to have your feedback focused on:
  1. Rating the items according to their importance in your view;
  2. Commenting the scope of each item;
  3. Commenting whether the technology/methodology suggested is adequate for achieving the goals highlighted in each item;
  4. Commenting the expected impact of the Action.
 In order to have a final document ready, we would appreciate to have your comments by 31 August 2016. Please send them by e-mail to this address.
Please download here the draft Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda: